About our counselling service

Focus on the Family Canada offers a one-time, complimentary telephone counselling consultation from a Christian perspective with one of our in-house staff. Our counselling staff are all committed Christians and registered (Masters level) counsellors with ministry experience. 

For your consultation, please give us a call at 1.800.661.9800 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. (PT). Ask to speak with the Care Associate who will arrange for a mutually convenient time for one of the counsellors to speak with you.

Do tell us that you are calling because you saw this offer on FocusHelps.ca.

Your one-time consultation is available at no cost; it is our gift, generously made possible by our faithful donors.

Please note the following before you contact us:

  • Focus on the Family Canada will not call another person on your behalf (i.e. your spouse, child or friend). They must call in themselves.

  • Phone consultations are kept confidential except in those few situations where registered counsellors are not legally able to do so. Counsellors are required to keep all information confidential, with the exemption of the following circumstances: there is an imminent danger to an identifiable third party or to self; when a counsellor suspects abuse or neglect of a child; when a disclosure is ordered by a court; when a client requests disclosure; or when a client files a complaint or claims professional liability by the counsellor in a lawsuit. The counsellor will be glad to discuss these exceptions with you at the beginning of your conversation. Feel free to ask anything you need to in order to feel comfortable before engaging in the consultation.

Referrals to counsellors in your region

We also offer referrals to a Canada-wide network of screened, registered Christian counsellors in your area. Please note that these counsellors will charge a fee for their services. 

Each counsellor on our national referral list has provided us with documentation of their training (Masters is the minimum required), experience and references, and has signed our statement of faith (available on request). They affirmed that they have no criminal record, have professional liability insurance and are members of a professional counselling body to which they are ethically accountable.

When you call us for a referral, we appreciate an opportunity to speak with you briefly about your needs so that we can suggest the counsellor(s) most likely to be of assistance in your particular situation. Call us at 1.800.661.9800 or fill out our online form to request a referral. Since these counsellors charge a fee, be sure to ask about costs when you call for an appointment with them.  

How to know if you need counselling

Everyone needs support from time to time. Most of us, if we have supportive friends and/or family, will weather most situations with God’s help. However, at times, we may:

  • feel overwhelmed by the difficulty we are facing

  • experience changes in appetite and/or sleep patterns, a decreased ability to concentrate, persistent sadness, diminished interest in life and/or feelings of hopelessness

  • lack support from our usual support base

  • experience prolonged, chronic worry about ourself or others

  • begin using substances or activities in order to cope (“self-medicating”)

  • have difficulty managing emotions (i.e. experience greater irritability or cry a lot)

At these times, you may wish to consult a counsellor for additional support. You are welcome to start with a consultation with one of our staff, who can then advise you how you can gain further support for the issue you are experiencing.